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NEW CASTLE COUNTY, DELAWARE – Karen Hartley-Nagle announces her candidacy for President of New Castle County Council.

Hartley-Nagle, who won the 2008 Democratic Primary Election for United States Congress, promises to restore public trust in County government, which has been marred by scandals and allegations of corruption. “Separation of powers is a fundamental tenet of our Democratic form of government. The current President has acted as a rubber stamp, rather than a counter balance, to an unchecked Executive Branch,” says Hartley-Nagle.

While promoting economic growth is a centerpiece of her platform,she believes that New Castle County must do more to restore public trust. Pointing to recent developments in County government, Hartley-Nagle pledges that under her leadership, government would be open, transparent, and accountable to the public. She promises to eliminate unnecessary or wasteful spending, fraud, abuse and questionable expenditures. “We need excellence in government,” states Hartley-Nagle.

County government must be far more efficient and fair. “County jobs, for example, should be awarded based on experience and expertise rather than nepotism and political payback,” she asserts. “Stronger procurement regulations should be put in place to ensure that taxpayers are getting the best value for their dollars,” adds Hartley-Nagle.

“Over two years ago an economic study was undertaken by the current County government that produced a plan. To date, virtually nothing has been done. A plan which cost over $50,000 in consulting fees was paid for and put on the shelf, gathering dust. No meaningful action has been proposed,” she revealed. Hartley-Nagle promises a forward-thinking strategic campaign to promote economic development, repurpose commercial properties, and develop a relationship with the State Economic Development Office to create and retain jobs.

Recent news of job losses from Dupont and Chemours, and the loss of AstraZeneca, GM, Chrysler and the banking industry point to the need for a thorough review of those codes and regulations that are impinging economic growth. Hartley-Nagle states, “It is time to make sure that our laws and regulations don’t continue to discourage industry from locating in New Castle County.

Therefore, Hartley-Nagle is calling for changes to the Unified Development Code that would create a more predictable review process. “Business hates uncertainty. It can take up to four years to complete the County development process. That places us at a severe competitive disadvantage to neighboring counties and states,” says Hartley-Nagle.

“Furthermore, I am seeking this office to correct decisions that have left the County in a most vulnerable financial situation,” she states. “Mounting new debt and a vastly underfunded pension fund have put the County on a path toward lowering their bond rating, raising taxes and cutting services – none of which are acceptable,” asserts Hartley-Nagle.

Hartley-Nagle promises to provide the leadership necessary to deal with the County’s deteriorating financial condition. “If we don’t attack this problem head-on now, we face the likely possibility that we, our children, and grandchildren will have to pay for their overspending,” she adds.

“We need aggressive oversight of budget spending and the County’s overall finances”, says Hartley-Nagle. “It is my intent to put the County in a position so that we do not have to raise taxes”. She declares, “When elected, I will not vote to raise taxes.

“County and City police are fighting a hard battle against violent crime that sees no borders.  That battle has cost lives, is defining our County’s future and we are far from winning it,” says Hartley-Nagle. “Most people in the County don’t feel as safe as they did ten years ago. They perceive an alarming increase in robberies, burglaries and crimes against persons and property.  We need to do what is necessary in a coordinated effort to restore their confidence in the police’s ability to protect them."

“The people of New Castle County deserve the very best,” says Hartley-Nagle. “A government that operates in the shadows is not an accountable government.  Furthermore, a government that operates without the guidance of the people it is supposed to represent is a government that is blind.

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