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Responsible Use of Stingray Technology

Karen Hartley-Nagle

Use of cell-phone site simulators without obtaining a search warrant is a violation of the 4th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution

Karen Hartley-Nagle, Candidate for President of New Castle County Council is urging Delaware’s lone Congressperson to co-sponsor U.S. House Bill (HR) 3871 which would limit the use of cell-phone site simulators by government agencies as well as state and local law enforcement unless they obtain a search warrant.

A Sunday, February 21st News Journal article titled, “Police ‘Intercept’ Cellphone Data, Portable gadgets once the domain of secret agents” finds that the Delaware State Police use a portable electronic device, called the Stingray, that triangulates the source of a cellular signal by acting “like a fake cell phone tower” and measuring the signal strength of an identified device from several locations. The so-called Stingrays and other similar “cell site simulator” technologies, allows Government investigators to locate, interfere with, and even intercept communications from cell phones and other wireless devices.

Advanced models allow law enforcement to view location information, text messages, numbers called, emails and even stored photos. Hartley-Nagle is personally concerned that records on surveillance technology and how powerful Stingray devices are used in Delaware are kept secret. The Delaware State Attorney General's Office says police must obtain a warrant to deploy the Stingray, but when the News Journal requested those “court orders”, through a Freedom of Information Act request, state police said none existed.

Use of these cell-phone site simulators technologies without obtaining a search warrant is a violation the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against unreasonable search and seizures. Congressperson Jason Chaffetz is the sponsor of HR 3871 (attached), co-sponsors are John Conyers and Peter Welch.

The links below are the News Journal articles with background on the Stingray Technologies, Karen Hartley-Nagle's  Press Release, the Letter to Congressman John Carney, and HR 3871 Bill Text.

/images/43900/Wilmington_News_Journal_20160221_A01_0 (3).pdf

/images/43900/Wilmington_News_Journal_20160221_A28_0 (3).pdf

/images/43900/PRESS RELEASE_For Immediate Release_Use of cell-phone site simulators without obtaining a search warrant (2).pdf

/images/43900/Letter to Congressman Carney on Stingray Technologies from Karen Hartley-Nagle_2-21-2016 (3).pdf

/images/43900/HR 3871 Bill Text.pdf

Delaware lawyers raise questions about Stingray
Karl Baker, The News Journal12:47 a.m. EST February 20, 2016
Legislation as far back as 2012 sought to rein in high-tech surveillance tools

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