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Karen's Children: Brittany (26), Thomas (20), Cameron (19) and Katheryn (17)

About Karen

Karen Hartley-Nagle

A Strong Commitment to Our Community

Karen Hartley-Nagle is a fighter. As County Council President, she’ll be 100% committed to the needs of the people of New Castle County. Karen is caring, tough, and independent. She’s not tied to special interests. She’s a difference-maker who understands how to get government working for us, and a leader who will be the people’s advocate in County government. Karen will Restore Public Trust.  Rebuild Our Economy.  Repair County Finances.

Karen has been involved with the Delaware Democratic Party for the last 20 years.  Helping candidate’s canvas, make calls, supporting our unions, our Democratic values and issues, and getting out the party vote.  She's also involved her four children, teaching the next generation of Delaware Democrats the value of being involved and working with others to achieve lasting success for a better future for all of us.

As a small business owner, Karen dedicated her career to helping others through business development, public relations, child and issue advocacy, and for the last year worked as a consultant for a University on Corporate Partnerships, partnering businesses with educational programs to increase the skills, knowledge and expertise of our current workforce. 

As a committed Delaware Democrat, voters of our state selected her as the 2008 Democratic candidate for US Congress. She is a Member of the New Castle County Board of Adjustment, a former Board Member of Common Cause, and a founding Board Member of the Delaware Coalition for Open Government (DelCOG).

Karen has a diverse set of skills and abilities, attending Moore College of Art, Delaware Technical & Community College, and through Wilmington University soon completes a dual degree in Organizational Management and Political Science, with a concentration in Education, and Certification in Child Advocacy.  

Karen has four children, Brittany (26), Thomas (20), Cameron (19) and Katheryn (17), raised right here in Delaware. Brittany is finishing her Doctorate, recently returning from living in Germany working for the Army with their wounded warriors program, Thomas or TJ, is now a U.S. Marine, a firefighter, and entering college for Electrical Engineering, Cameron, we call Cammie, is attending the University of Delaware to become a Neurosurgeon and speaks many languages (it may be ten now), and Katheryn enters college next year, an officeholder in the High School Student Technology Association, in Cheerleading, and Band, talented on the saxophone and guitar.

Over the last few years, Karen took care of a friends mother, Mary Ellen, who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease until she died at home and happy, at 93.  Karen also experienced the loss of her long-time boyfriend to brain cancer in March of 2015.  Mike was only 57.  Karen knows the importance of service to others, showing compassion, caring, and respect, and the joy of working to create a better future, together - today.  

The people of New Castle County deserve the very best and elections are about our future.  Karen knows working together we can make a lasting difference in New Castle County.  We need collaboration with all parties, excellence, ideas, innovation, transparency and action in our government. The time is now.

If you elect Karen for President of NCC Council, she will be your full-time, active advocate in County government.  Working together, Karen will Restore Public Trust,  Rebuild Our Economy, and  Repair County Finances.

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Karen Hartley-Nagle
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